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Interview with Soha Ali Khan : I won't play Saif's sister...

"I won't play Saif's sister..."



Whether one loves her or not, after her strong performance in TUM MILE, no one can ignore Soha Ali Khan. The actor chats up with our correspondent on why she relented to do kissing scene with Emraan Hashmi and the kind of films she is looking for

Unlike your contemporaries, you mostly choose character-based roles (like in RANG DE BASANTI), rather than hero-heroine type. Is it a conscious decision?
Yes, very much. I am more keen on doing substantial lead roles with some meat in them; not necessarily the hero-heroine types. I am too choosy when it comes to picking my kind of script. KHOYA KHOYA CHAND was my first lead contemporary role and now it's TUM MILE. In fact, TUM MILE is the most beautiful film in my entire career...I had to triple my efforts to play 'Sanjana' in the film. It's the most challenging role I have got to do so far.

You are new to the Bhatt camp. How was the experience like?
This is the first time I worked for the Bhatts-Vishesh Films. I have always been a fan of Mahesh Bhatt because of his sensible yet exciting films; especially his

'I won't play Saif's sister...'

romantic films-they are so electrifying and realistic. And I don't know how, the music of all his films is always superb. So what more can an actor ask for! I hope this is a start of a long association with them.

What was your first reaction when you heard that Emraan has been cast opposite you?
(Laughs) I know what you mean... I was slightly apprehensive because I know what it means to sign a film opposite Emraan. I was aware that when you do a film with him there are things that go hand-in-hand, or rather lip-to-lip. But I relented. The story was so good that I said to myself -'If I have to kiss him for this film I will do that'.

Were you comfortable kissing him?
Honestly, the kiss didn't register at was so natural. I myself was pleasantly surprised that it happened so smoothly. It was more my type of kiss than the ones Emraan is famous for (giggles).

The film is about live-in couples and their problems. What will you go for in personal life-live-in or marriage?
I would like to live in with the person I want to marry before taking a final call on the decision; because it is one thing to fall in love and another thing to stay in love.

view TUM MILE movie stills

view TUM MILE movie stills

How much your mother (Sharmila Tagore) and brother (Saif Ali Khan) interfere when it comes to choosing films?
They don't interfere at all. But they are very sharp critics and always give tips, especially my mother. No matter how much I give to the character, she always has something or the other to say. Thankfully after watching TUM MILE she had only good things to say about my acting.

You are also doing a film with your mother...
Yes, it's called LIFE GOES ON...and I am learning a lot from her.

What about a film with your brother?
I don't mind doing a film with him. But I don't want to play Saif's sister in the film.


Are you a partyholic?
I am not a partyholic or a nightclub person. But I am often dragged there by friends.
What do you do when not shooting?
I love listening to music...any form of rock with a lot of acoustics.

We don't find you in elaborate designer wear very often...
That's because, I generally prefer wearing casual, urban leisure wear.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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