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Interview with Neil Nitin Mukesh : I always wanted to work with Katrina and John.

"I always wanted to work with Katrina and John."

view NEW YORK movie stills

view NEW YORK movie stills

After AA DEKHE ZARA Neil Nitin Mukesh is hitting the theatres with Yash Raj's big ticket NEW YORK. The actor, on a high,speaks to our correspondent on his high flying career, New York and more

Are you nervous or excited before the release of NEW YORK?
(Pauses... and then bursts into laughter). I was fine so long and now you have put me into a situation. Actually, I am having a mixed feeling. It's a great feeling working with Yash Raj Films. They are big and so, hmmm... I am actually both excited and a bit nervous. (Smiles)

Don't you think it's a big break for you at this point of your career?
Oh! Certainly it is. Everyone dreams of working with Yash Raj Films. And my association with the banner goes back long. In fact, before I came to acting, I

'I always wanted to work with Katrina and John...'

started my career as an assistant director and I worked as an assistant in MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE. So it's like homecoming.

In fact your grandfather, the legendary Mukesh ji and your father Nitin Mukesh have given some of their careers' biggest hits songs with the Chopras.
And now I am sure I will make it the third one. (Smiles). Actually, it's also making me a bit nervous. My association too goes long back as I also worked as a child actor in Yash ji's VIJAY. Coming from a family of singers, my grandfather and my father were associated with Yash Raj as singers but mine is of an actor. So it's also comforting that they didn't call me because of my lineage by for my acting.

download NEW YORK wallpapers

download NEW YORK wallpapers

You play a Muslim student from Delhi... Yes, who goes to US for higher studies and immediately falls in love with NEW YORK and gets a wonderful set of friends. But being a Muslim he has to share his part of misfortune after the 9/11 attacks. It's a long story spanning almost a decade. It starts before the 9/11 attacks and continues till the present day.

Apparently, you were emotionally attached to your character?
Of course and it's all because of Kabir Khan. He has treated all the scenes very aesthetically and the story being very real life it touched all our heat. NEW YORK has a gripping story line.

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Given that both your costars Katrina Kaif and John Abraham are a bit senior to you how was it working with them?
In one word: 'Wonderful'. I had always dreamt of working with them even before I came to acting and now see (smiles) I am working with them.. But really they are wonderful people and I shouldn't miss out on Mr Irrfan Khan. I think he is one of the best actors we have today.

Your next big release is JAIL and one scene is being much talked about these days...
(Smiles)... Yes...yes I know you are talking about the nude scene. It was one of the most touching moments of my life and even may be my career. It isn't a nude scene but the humiliation a convict or a prisoner has to go during interrogation and it's not easy being nude. Madhur Bhandarkar knows how to treat these scenes and he did it very aesthetically.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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