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Interview with Rahul Bose : I will take a complete break for rugby.

"I will take a complete break for rugby."



Rahul Bose is the man of all moments. His vast knowledge comes from his never-ending quest to know more about the world. Pitched as a thinking woman's sex symbol in Bollywood, the actor spoke to on his new films, passion for rugby and more

You haven't had a release this year yet and last both DIL KABADDI and MAAN GAYE MUGHAL-E-AZAM both did not generate a healthy response.
It's completely up to the audience to judge a film and that's where the fate of a film gets decided. But of course the script too needs to be powerful. Yes, I think doing MAAN GAYE MUGHAL-E-AZAM was a mistake from my end. But you can't give hits with every film. I am looking forward to a number of films that are already in the pipeline. The multiplex strike has already delayed the release of many films but now they will start releasing.

'I will take a complete break for rugby.'

You were supposed to start with your directorial venture MOTH SMOKE this year.

(Pause). In fact I was supposed to start it but somehow it got delayed. I will start it sometime early next year. Right now I am occupied with too many other things and then the rugby season begins in September.

So you are still actively into rugby?
That is something I can't do without. I captained the national team and every year I devote ample time to this sport. In fact this year there will be as many as 40 teams participating in the rugby championship in Mumbai. I will take a complete break from shooting for a couple of months because of rugby.

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view RAHUL BOSE picture gallery

Your next release MUMBAI CHAKA CHAK is also in the pipeline for long.
No it's perfectly scheduled for a proper release. I am really looking forward to that film. It has a very unconventional subject. It's like Panchatantra meets modern day and has a moral to the story. It's about how a man wants to clean his city, Mumbai. It's completely different and is certainly going to be liked by all.

What about Aparna Sen's THE JAPANESE WIFE?
That's going to release sometime this year. It's again a different kind of film, shot partly in Sunderbans, Kolkata and Japan. But that will do the festival rounds first and release in India once it's screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

Your film, BEFORE IT RAINS never released in India.
(Shrugs and then smiles) But I am sure many in India have watched it courtesy: piracy. It got a good opening internationally, then the DVDs were released and by the time it was supposed to be released in India the DVDs got pirated. That's what happens here.

You have quite a few other releases.
Yes there's GHOST GHOST NA RAHA, which is a fun film and then there's BITS AND PIECES, which is again a completely different film.

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