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Interview with Amitabh Bachchan : 'I am zero!'

"'I am zero!'"

Tell us something about BHOOTNATH RETURNS

As you all know the ghost 'Bhootnath' went back to heaven in the first film (BHOOTNATH, 2008). In the second part, the film opens with everyone in heaven laughing at him as he has failed to scare a child and has caused embarrassment to the ghost community. And so he comes down to earth once again to prove that he is a scary ghost.


There is a dialogue in the film that says if songs become hit, the film becomes superhit. Do you agree?
I think so, if the songs become popular, the film also proves successful at the box office. But then, it is just a dialogue in the film. If it works for us, then it will be great.

You have not changed your costume throughout the film. Why is that?
Well, I am a ghost. Where will I go to change my clothes?

'If the songs become popular, the film also proves successful'

Didn't you feel you should try out more costumes to make your character look better?
No, I did not. Because, think about it ... where will a ghost go to get his clothes?

In the film, you, as a ghost, is out to contest elections. Do you think, given by the present political situation, our country too needs a supernatural candidate this Lok Sabha polls?
I don't know what the motive was in Nitesh's (Tiwari, director) mind while drafting the script. But I do wish you see the film and then you might not require to ask me this question as you will get the answer there.

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You seem to be amazed with your co-actor Parth. Could he match up to your acting prowess?
The small kid Parth is the hero of the film, I am zero. He is a natural actor.

download BHOOTHNATH RETURNS wallpapers
download BHOOTHNATH RETURNS wallpapers

Why is that you dislike the term Bollywood given to the Hindi film industry? It's an Indian film industry and we would like to be known as that. I find it a little derogatory as to why have a synonym which sounds similar to what we have in the West.

What is cinema to you?
Cinema brings people together. When we sit inside a dark theatre, we don't really bother about which caste or religion the person sitting next to us belong to. We enjoy the same movie, hum the same songs, laugh at the same jokes and cry at the same emotion. In this disintegrating world today, cinema is that one medium that integrates people rather than separating them. I am happy to be a small part of the fraternity.

'Cinema integrates people rather than separating them.'

Do you like multi-tasking or you are compelled to?
If there is time and if my health permits me, I would like to do as many things as possible. As long as people keep loving me and caring for me, I will go on.

What do you think of brand endorsements?
My association with endorsements has been there for several years now. When we started out as actors, brand endorsements or becoming brand ambassadors were not something that we were interested in. Many offers were also made at that time. But somehow, we kept ourselves away from it as we thought it was not in our line of activity. But in the last 45 years that I am here, the industry itself has grown where marketing, your evaluation have become very important.

- By Sreya Basu, TWF, Glamsham Editorial

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