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Interview with Rituparna Sengupta : I am waiting for the right script which will see me at the helm of popularity in Bollywood too.

"I am waiting for the right script which will see me at the helm of popularity in Bollywood too."

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Bengali film's reigning superstar Rituparna Sengupta is trying her luck once again in Bollywood with mostly small budget offbeat movies. After her critically acclaimed performance in MAIN, MERI PATNI AUR WHO she would be seen in MITTAL VS MITTAL, a film dealing with the sensitive issue of marital rape. Sengupta in conversation with Ruhail Amin.

Your innings in Bollywood has not attracted the popularity, which you enjoy back home in Kolkata, what's the reason for that?
Well, I won't agree that my work has not attracted popularity in Bollywood. In fact my film MAIN, MERI PATNI AUR WOH had a very sensitive theme and I remember people praising my performance. I guess it's not the actor but the narrative which makes you popular at the end of the day and I am waiting for the right script which will see me at the helm of popularity in Bollywood too.

What kind of role do you have in MITTAL VS MITTAL?
Well, it's a sensitive subject about marital rape and I am proud that filmmakers are realizing the need to speak about such issues. My portrayal in the film is quite intense in the way that I'm shown as a woman who has strong character and who fights the odds in her life.

What made you sign such an intense and non-glamorous role when everybody feels that a bit of skin show sells?
I don't believe that skin show is essential for an actress to be considered seriously for commercial projects. Though that doesn't mean I'm against such practice. But, I believe that there is no need for unnecessary dependence on skin shows unless the narrative makes it imperative. I would always love to be a part of films, which require glamorous portrayals.

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How has your experience of working with Karan Razdan and the co-stars Rohit Roy and Suchitra Krishnamurty been?

It has been a great experience working with Karan Razdan. He's a director who knows his subject very well and he has the experience and finesse to see through a sensitive project like this. As far as Rohit Roy is concerned, I feel he is among the finest actors in the industry and Suchitra is simply a great actor and an equally wonderful human being. So, far we have finished only the first schedule of the film and the whole experience has been a great learning experience with loads of fun.

Are you doing any Bengali films at the moment?
Yes, there are a few Bengali films which I am doing, but I have decided to focus my attention on doing mostly Hindi films. There are many top producers in Bollywood who are keen on signing me in their future projects, which I guess is a great development.

Which are the other Hindi films that you are doing?
Well, apart from MITTAL VS MITTAL which I am shooting at the moment, the other Bollywood releases of include films like LOVE GAME, SAAB, CHAI PAANI, GAURI and U ME AUR HUM.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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