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Interview with Amrita Rao : You have to mainly look at the roles that come to you and the way they are directed.

"You have to mainly look at the roles that come to you and the way they are directed."

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view VICTORY videos

2008 was an eventful year for Amrita Rao. She started off with MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES which in spite of not doing well at the box office at the least helped showcase a different (read ultra glam) side of hers. A special appearance in SHAURYA followed but the role was so small that it went relatively unnoticed. However, she bounced back with WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR where in her 'gaon ki gori' role, she went on to win hearts all over again. From a village setting, she graduated to playing a small time girl in VICTORY which is now finally getting ready to hit the screens this Friday.

Even though the film primarily belongs to Harman Baweja and the dozens of cricketers who have consented to be a part of the project, VICTORY does promise to have something meaty for Amrita Rao also to showcase her acting skills. The pretty girl with a characteristic laugh gets on a free wheeling chat with us as she talks about her criteria behind selecting projects and also the frequent shifts that she had to make in her personality for the varied roles that she has played in the year gone by.

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Amrita, for someone who has been around for 7 years (her first release was AB KE BARAS (2002) and till date she has boasted of quite a few successful films (ISHK VISHK, MASTI, MAIN HOON NAA, VIVAH, WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR), you don't seem to be doing too many films. Why?

"You have to mainly look at the roles that come to you and the way they are directed."

That's true, I don't really do projects in dozens. I am indeed quite careful about the kind of films that I choose. I am pragmatic about this because I know that eventually we all are good actors so there is not much choice of one being picked over another. So you have to mainly look at the roles that come to you and the way they are directed. I take my time before becoming truly comfortable with the idea of being seen in a particular film and only consent to be a part of it once I am totally convinced.

In this aspect, you have justified your choice in quite a few films over the years, isn't it?
I have been lucky with the kind of roles and directors that have came my way. It's this combination that matters.

But there have been a few films (DEEWAR, SHIKHAR, PYAARE MOHAN) that haven't worked as well. Ever felt where did you really go wrong?
Honestly, it is very difficult for me to pin point on something like that. Once you have decided to be a part of a project, you have to give yourself wholeheartedly to it. Moreover, you also get emotionally attached. Now whatever is the outcome there, it isn't something that you should be fretting around for long. You have to move on. (Smiles) For a parent, howsoever good or bad a baby it, it will still always remain a baby; you can't detach yourself from it, isn't it?

Coming to VICTORY, in the film you carry a Plain Jane look. Being someone who is intrinsically good looking, didn't you miss your chance to be wearing greasepaint and donning a glam avtar at some point of time? Of course, it's a character you play but then in the medium of cinema, didn't you worry about not being able to look ultra chic and happening?

"If you talk about the glam quotient, then well wait for SHORTKUT - THE

I don't really worry too much because as an actress you like to show a different face of yours every time. Also, if you talk about the glam quotient, then well wait for SHORTKUT - THE CON IS ON which should be releasing in the second quarter of 2009. You
would see me as a chic-n-happening girl because the role is such where I have to project myself as someone ultra glamorous. Since I play a role from the glamour world, I have to bring that aspect on screen. On the other hand since in VICTORY and WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR, I belong to a small town and a village respectively, I molded myself accordingly. At the end of the day, I find myself as a very satisfied actress because I am able to play a variety of characters well.

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You were shooting for both WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR and VICTORY last year. How did you switch on and off from Shyam Benegal's style of shot taking to that of Ajitpal Mangat, who comes from the ad world?
Actually Shyam babu's [Shyam Benegal] schedule was from start to finish so it didn't come in my way of shooting for VICTORY. WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR was in synch sound, hence once I was through with the shoot, I didn't have to do any dubbing. This way I could move on from the film to VICTORY which was a different world altogether. (Giggles) From a village potter, I turned into a medical student. Yes, Shyam babu and Ajit brought with them totally different style of film making but it wasn't difficult at all to adapt...

view VICTORY movie stills

view VICTORY movie stills

On a lighter note, with all the cricketing action around in VICTORY, did you at any point in time feel like joining the action?
[Laughs] No, I was happy watching them play from the sidelines. For Harman, I can confidently say that it was quite challenging for him on the pitch because he was facing real cricketers. I know how much he has slogged facing the likes of Brett Lee, Brad Hogg, Chaminda Vaas, Muthaiah Murlitharan and the rest. That's the best part about him; his 'never say die' attitude. He trained himself to such an extent that he looked truly convincing as a cricketer.

Tell me honestly, was Harman Baweja a big deciding factor when you got yourself on board for 'Victory'? After all he was being launched with much fanfare in 'Love Story 2050' and was clearly the most hyped youngster of 2008!
There was always a buzz about Harman and fortunately it was quite a positive one too. But then he is not someone who was new to the industry. He has been around for years as he has worked extensively with his father in the making of his films. Yes, I was very open to doing a film with Harman because I truly believe that today industry is seeing the advent of Generation Next of which he and I are a part of. The fact is that right now the industry is in a phase where every year there is a new face coming in; Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, Harman Baweja - all of them are a part of that and there to stay.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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