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Interview : Prachi Desai



Prachi Desai is pretty gung ho these days. And why shouldn't she be? After all, the third film of her career, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI (OUATIM) is all set to release soon. Catch her in conversation as she speaks about the film, her reason behind doing few films, and more.

You started your career with Ekta Kapoor's Telly soap 'Kasam Se'. Now OUATIM is also being produced by Ekta Kapoor. Was it like homecoming for you?
Everybody thinks that it must be like coming back home and reconnecting. Yes, that feeling was definitely there. But, at the same time, it was absolutely different experience because that team and this team are totally different. The film department is completely different from the TV department. This team (film) was alien to me. But doing this film had been one of my favourite experiences just like ROCK ON.

Do you miss doing TV?
The only thing that I don't miss is the hectic part of it. I didn't have any time for

'I was quite comfortable with Emraan...'

myself because of kind of schedules and the erratic timings we used to have. I miss the people with whom I had worked for so long. It's been quite long (since I left TV). So there is nothing sad that I feel about. I could just remember it in a happier way.

Your first film ROCK ON was in 2008, LIFE PARTNER released in 2009 and now OUATIM is releasing in 2010. Are you going the Aamir Khan way of doing one film in a year?
Oh my God! You can't put me in the same line, even subjectively in a sentence. ROCK ON was the best way in which I could have been launched. But after that it had to be something which I had not done before. Hence, I opted for LIFE PARTNER, which was a comedy. Now, it's OUATIM, which is based in the 70s. In between, I did not want to rush and be around because I was offered a lot of films. I did not feel it was the right thing to do. The best way was to take it slow and easy. One film decides your fate so easily. I was scared of making mistakes. That's why I took it slow. Now, that I am a part of it since the past two years, I know what I am doing. I am a lot more comfortable. I have understood the film world much better. I can take my decisions easily. Also, JOKER will be releasing before the end of the year. So, it won't be one film at a time (laughs). People shouldn't be watching me too much also.

Do people still remember you as Bani from 'Kasamh Se'?
I don't think so. In 2008, it was difficult. But now, with time, people have accepted me as a film actor. But there are still some people who remember me as Bani and I don't feel bad about it. As long as they remember and like me, I am happy.

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How is OUATIM different form other gangster films?
OUATIM is a retro thriller film with a lot of entertainment and romance. We have not had such a period film since a long time. We have had a lot of gangster films and films which are darker. But this one is different. Nobody has gone into so much detailing of the 70s. Everything has been chosen carefully-from the look to the dialogues. Even the locations are all real.

The film is based on underworld dons. How significant is your role in it?
It is extremely important. When you watch the film you will see that we (Kangana and I) are driving them to where they are leading. They have their own goals but we are the turning points in their lives.


Are you similar to the characters that you play on screen?
I am totally different from all the characters that I have played till now. For OUATIM, I just had a rough idea how it would be like. I wasn't even narrated the entire film. Milan Luthria (director of OUATIM) wanted us to be extremely spontaneous. For this character, I was given the liberty to improvise. It really helped. I just fell in love with the character.

How was your equation with Emraan Hashmi?
Emraan is definitely one of my favourite co-stars now. For some reason, I felt very comfortable with him. I think because he has worked with so many new girls. It's not only his looks but also his attitude. He speaks like the people in the 70's and 80's did. There are too many grey shades to his character in this film and he does it so convincingly.

Do you have any scenes with Ajay Devgn? How was the experience working with him?
Yes, fortunately I had a scene with Ajay. I've grown up watching Ajay's films. He has an aura of his own. He is a very different person from the characters that he plays in films. As everyone knows, he is a complete prankster.

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