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Interview : Barbara Mori


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Mexican star, Barbara Mori, who is making her debut in Bollywood with KITES, is currently in India to promote her film. Recently we caught with the very beautiful & utterly warm actress. Here are the excerpts.

How was the experience working in a Bollywood film?
It was really exciting and completely different. Infact I think it's the best experience of my career. KITES is my first English film, my first Hindi film, my first action movie and last but the not the least it is also my first big budget movie. In that way KITES is special to me. Naturally the experience is different to whatever work I have done in Mexico.

What really excited you to sign KITES?
When I met the director Anurag Basu and producer Rakesh Roshan in Los Angeles, they narrated me the entire story of KITES and at that very moment I really fell in love with the story. It's an amazing lovestory of a Mexican girl (who only speak Spanish) and Indian guy (who only speak Hindi & English). Despite the language barrier, the two fall head-over-heels in love with each other.

'I didn't know who Hrithik is...'

You had a special interpreter of languages on the sets so as to interact with the cast & crew of the film?

Hrithik was my translator everytime. Sometimes Anurag (director) would start chatting in Hindi and I had to stop him then and there as I don't understand the language. But Hrithik always came to my rescue and he used to tell me 'Don't worry I'll translate for you'. Hrithik gave immense support throughout shooting. He's a sweetheart.

How do you see the link-up stories with your co-star Hrithik Roshan?
Well, I laugh (laughs)! Hrithik, Sussane and I have a hearty laugh over such figment stories. Earlier it used to bother me, but with time I have realized its part and parcel of this glitzy industry.

So you think such kind of publicity helps the film?
May be.


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Before working in KITES you had any idea of Bollywood?
I didn't know anything about Bollywood when KITES came to me. I didn't know that it's such a big film industry in the world. I didn't know Rakesh or Hrithik or Shahrukh or anyone from Bollywood. Because we (Mexico) have never seen any Indian films there.

But now have you watched any Indian films?
Yes, I have watched few of Hrithik's films. I specifically liked the one in which he plays a soldier, LAKSHYA, (pauses) then KOI MIL GAYA.

Tell us about your most grueling scene in KITES
I hate seaside and water. I get petrified doing underwater scenes. And in the film I had one underwater sequence, still we had to put oxygen masks, go underwater and act. For me, that was the most grueling and difficult thing.

Describe Barbara as a person?
I am very emotional person. I believe in being honest.

Tell us about your equation with Roshans
They are simply great. They always treated me so well. Rakesh, Hrithik & Sussane, all were kind with me. I've been to Roshans place many a times. They always made me feel at home, being with them I always felt like a family.

Any more Bollywood films you have signed?
No I haven't signed anything now. But Anurag has offered me yet another film, whose script I have to go through.

- Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network

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