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AGYAAT has a Madhubala connection

August 4, 2009 12:17:24 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN wallpapers

download AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN wallpapers

Believe it or not but Ram Gopal Varma's AGYAAT has a Madhubala connection to it. No, the film has nothing to do with Madhubala's 1949 classic MAHAL, a suspense drama where she had played a memorable role. Instead it is related to a person who has a blood relation with the beauty queen!

Ok, so let's reveal the suspense now. The person is question is Imran who is Madhubala's nephew and has composed the music of the film along with Vikram.

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Says a source attached to the film, "That's true; Imran is Madhubala's nephew and though she was an epitome of beauty and made her presence felt in front of the camera, Imran is happy doing it in the studio rooms. He got a big opportunity in the form of AGYAAT and along with Vikram went all out to make sure that Ram Gopal Varma got what he wanted for the film."

The composer duo has debuted in AGYAAT which, as per Ram Gopal Varma, is an adventure thriller. New age composers, they have assisted Pritam in films like DHOOM 2, JAB WE MET, CHOCOLATE and just released LOVE AAJ KAL. Incidentally Sachin & Jigar, the composer duo of TEREE SANG (the music of which is excellent) have also assisted Pritam in the past and have gone independent very recently. Another coincidence is the fact that both AGYAAT and TEREE SANG are releasing on the same day i.e. 7th August.

In AGYAAT, Imraan and KAMAAL have come up with a bunch of peppy tracks. Their item/promotional songs like 'Kiss U Day And Night' and 'Jai Shiv Bum Shambu' are already getting popular with every passing day. Now it has to be seen how far does the film go and hence take the music along to allow Imraan-Vikram a long and promising innings in Bollywood.


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