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FASHION dude Arjan turns unkempt marathi guy

August 17, 2009 1:03:18 PM IST
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Variety is a spice of life and some actors are making sure that they do everything that they can to accomplish the same. One actor who has gone ahead & taken pains to real learn another language is FASHION fame Arjan Bajwa.

Arjan has to play a marathi speaking guy in his next film - HIDE & SEEK, which was not very easy for this Delhi boy. He had actually train for sometime to learn the language so he could get the pronunciation and nuances right for the character.

When asked, he replied, ''It was slightly tough for me as it was a complete alien language for me. All my life I have either spoken in Hindi, English or Punjabi, but marathi was one language, which really made me sit up in my seat. It is a bit similar to Hindi but there are loads of letters that get twisted and then I had to be convincing enough in the speech to look my character. Also my character is completely different from the previous roles which were more sophisticated in their approach. Here I had to be really unkempt and always have a frown on my face. But it has been a really good learning for me. Now I can speak to the local people in Mumbai in their own language. (He laughs)''


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