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Mukta Arts team-up four lead actors from WWI

August 20, 2009 6:00:42 PM IST
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PASCHIM EXPRESS is the title of this romantic breezy entertainer about a Punjabi family and it is going on floor on 24th October 2009 - 31st year of Mukta Arts Limited!' revealed Subhash Ghai, the Chairman of Mukta Arts Limited ''The film has engaged all the technicians for this musical from Whistling Woods International's first batch of graduates, including the lead actors, director, cinematographer, editor, sound recordist, screenwriter and associate producer who are very competent responsible actors and technicians''.

In a parallel story of two young couples with different ideologies of love today, express the modern concept of relationship and bonding. The two lead couples are being played by Sahil Mehta with Neha Yadav and Vikas Katyal with Priyam Galav, the bright actors from Whistling Woods International (WWI), Mumbai have undergone two years of vigorous training under veteran Naseeruddin Shah. ''We plan to produce quite a few movies every year with the actors and technicians from Whistling Woods along with other films that are in the pipeline'' said Rahul Puri, the executive director of Mukta Arts Limited. ''We have a policy of casting artistes and technicians from WWI as per the demand of the script and the merits of graduates ... so wait for our next announcements soon.''

PASCHIM EXPRESS is being directed by Vishnu Shyam with cinematography by Jitan Singh and all other technicians for Whistling Woods and being Produced by Kajal Malhotra under Mukta Searchlight Films. Pritam will provide the music while other cast and credit are being finalized.

''We are glad that our students are doing a great job in the industry and I am thankful to Mukta Arts for their initiative and strategy to produce more movies with our graduates,'' - said John Lee the Dean of Whistling Woods''.


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