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Smilie Suri: Girls must take self defense lessons

August 25, 2009 6:44:15 PM IST
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view YEH MERA INDIA movie stills

view YEH MERA INDIA movie stills

''I will sock the face of a guy who tries to act funny with me. I am not at all like the character that I had played in KALYUG. In fact I believe in giving as good as I get and that is exactly what my character in N Chandra's film YEH MERA INDIA is about. My character Asha is a simple Mumbai girl but she is not weak. When harassed she treats her boss with contempt and aggression. She stands up for her right against the people & the circumstances,'' says Smilie Suri.

In fact, in real life too, when she was harassed at Mahim Church, she had refused to take any nonsense quietly. When two boys had pointed fingers at her and passed lewd comments, Smilie had caught them and kicked them good. ''Just because women are physically weaker, they don't have to take anything lying down. But I believe that girls must take self defense lessons to safe guard themselves. We have to maintain our own dignity ourselves because nobody has the time to help any damsel in distress. And there are too many wolves around to fight.''

She had also done ballet as the character of Hasina in the famous play 'Vagina Monologue'. In 'Y.M.I.', Smilie Suri is playing the character of 'Asha', a middle class Maharashtrian girl, who is working in a call center, just like today's young girls, she is very strong and unwilling to give up or accept defeat. The film, which is the story of 24 hours, has been shot at real location while Smilie has only two changes in the entire film. Smilie claims anybody can relate to the characters shown in the film & one would walk out with the feeling of pride at being an Indian.