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Aarti Chhabria: TOSS brought me out of my comfort zone

August 28, 2009 4:43:28 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view TOSS-A FLIP OF DESTINY movie stills

view TOSS-A FLIP OF DESTINY movie stills

Starting from AWARA PAAGAL DEEWANA to SHOOT OUT AT LOKHANDWALA, Aarti Chhabria has been enjoying an eventful journey in Bollywood. She may not have hit the top bracket over the years gone by but Aarti is happy that she has survived well to create at least a small place for herself in the industry. As she gets ready for a double bill this Friday with DADDY COOL and TOSS hitting the screens, she speaks about the journey so far and how she intends to do better work in time to come.

TOSS appears to be presenting you in a different light altogether when compared to the light hearted roles that you have done in the past.

Yes, this is certainly one of my better roles and the characterization has been superb as well. Otherwise I was indeed getting bored of doing ordinary roles. I had to come out of my comfort zone and thankfully TOSS gave me an opportunity to do that. I have put a lot of effort in the film and credit must go to my director Ramesh-ji (Khatkar) who is quite a task master.


How did he contribute in your performance being enhanced?

Well, he didn't allow the poor me to do things the way I wanted to do (says in mock disappointment)! Whenever I wanted to come up with a different spin to a scene, he would explain to me why Sasha had to do things the way she was supposed to do. He wanted to cut all unnecessary expressions and make me say things in a flat tone where required. He really made me understand Sasha and today when I see her on screen, I understand where he was coming from. I am glad I listened to him.

How does the future look like for you?

Very positive (smiles). See, today's audiences too have changed and become much more demanding. There are good and different movies being made and audiences are grabbing them regardless of banner or star cast. I guess this is the best time for an actor like me to be in. The film that I may sign next could be a big banner or a small banner movie but one thing is for sure that you won't find me in a worthless role. Time has come for me to work in the kind of films that I have always wanted to do.


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