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Real gun does the trick in BAABARR

August 28, 2009 3:38:46 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view BAABARR movie stills

view BAABARR movie stills

By now it's a known fact that BAABARR tells the story of a namesake protagonist who was once a notorious name in the state of UP. To bring authenticity to the mood, setting and narrative of the film, director Ashuu Trikha decided to shoot the film at places near Lucknow and Kanpur to get the right milieu in place. However, to his shock, he realized that the language of gun was prevalent not just in the story of his film but also in the actual surroundings around him.

"That's true, in so many areas in UP, it is still such a normal thing for people to be 'khulle-aam' roaming around with a gun", informs a source attached to the film, "This is what we witnessed during the shooting of BAABARR. The area where we were shooting is known for its crime. There was this scene where a 'matki' had to be shot down. Since the fight master was not around at that time, we were wondering how we will execute the scene. We thought about doing it with a 'gulel' but were not too sure whether it would work."

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By this time a crowd of around 500 people had assembled and incidentally help came from one of the bystander.

"To our utter surprise, this young man came to us and said that he could help. When we asked how, he suddenly shoved out a 'desi katta' (a kind of pistol) and said he could use it for breaking the 'matki'. We were apprehensive at first but this guy was so confident that we allowed him to do the job. We got all other bystanders out of the way and he got the right aim in place in his first strike itself. Of course our work was done but we were shocked to see the sheer audacity of locals out there who were just not bothered about the law and order situation", details the source.

Based on true events, BAABARR tells the story of a namesake dreaded killer whose reign of fear terrorized everyone, right from the common man to the Government, in a Northern state of India. Debutant Soham Shah (not to be confused with the director of KAAL and LUCK) plays the title role while Urvashi Sharma plays his love interest.


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