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Priyadarshan: DE DANA DAN could well be a national integration film

December 2, 2009 2:02:35 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view DE DANA DAN movie stills

view DE DANA DAN movie stills

A Punjabi Akshay Kumar and Neha Dhupia. A Tulu Suniel Shetty. A Kashmiri-Brit Katrina Kaif. A Gujarati Paresh Rawal. A Telugu Sameera Reddy. A Malayalee Priyadarshan. A truly Indian film DE DANA DAN. Naturally, Priyadarshan can stand up and claim to have made a film which brings actors from all parts of the country together on the same platform.

Meanwhile, even though DE DANA DAN has actors representing different geographies, the characters played by them in the film are mostly Punjabis. This is why Katrina Kaif is Anjali Kakkar, Sameera Reddy is Manpreet Oberoi, Paresh Rawal is Harbans Chadda. Incidentally, the lead characters played by Akshay Kumar (Nitin Bankar) and Suniel Shetty (Ram Mishra) are men from Maharashtra and UP respectively.

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"DE DANA DAN could well be promoting national integration", smiles Priyadarshan when made aware about this feat, "Yes, the actors are from all part of the country but it is very important that all people are Indian first."

Suniel Shetty chips in, "This is one film where individual brilliance never mattered at all. There are as many as 26 characters in the film and everyone is so integral to the narrative. Every scene moves ahead with the introduction of each and every character. Other than the cast, every crew member too has made a difference to the way the final product has shaped up. The results are there to be seen."

Going by box office the response to the film, it is indeed quite visible that the film is enjoying an all-India market for itself. Though the Hindi belt is (naturally) showing a bigger response, even in the remaining parts of the country, DE DANA DAN is finding good appreciation, hence making it a comfortable success all over.