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Himesh Reshammiya: RADIO talks about Indian values of love

December 3, 2009 5:05:42 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view RADIO movie stills

view RADIO movie stills

Himesh Reshammiya's KARZZZZ had released on 17th October 2008. Exactly a year later Himesh Reshammiya can be seen promoting his next film as an actor, composer and singer - RADIO. There is a difference in excitement this time around though. In case of KARZZZZ, he was riding high on the success of his debut flick AAP KAA SURROOR - THE MOVIEE [2007] which had turned out to be an unexpected success. However, the excitement is of a different kind this time with RADIO being hours away from release. Over to Himesh Reshammiya, the man of the moment, who is confident that the niche feel of RADIO will help it succeed with the audience.

Director Ishaan Trivedi has graduated from TV to movies. Does himseh believe that Ishaan actually comes with the kind of sensibilities that could help in getting the narration right for a film meant for the big screen? But Himesh is absolutely positive about Ishaan and says, "Even Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Kashyap have come from a TV background! Look at where they are today. In fact Ishaan belongs to the same group as them. He has done a very competent job in the film and I could see that happening right from the time we started participating in workshops. The idea was to keep everything natural in RADIO and believe me, the most difficult part about acting is to remain natural in front of the camera. Still, Ishaan really guided all us actors quite well to come up with a natural performance."

Over last few weeks, the RADIO team has highlighted the contemporary element of the film. "Yes, RADIO talks about contemporary relationships but at the heart of it all, there is this value which our country is very proud of - 'Love'. The film is the story of a boy who is an R.J. and is solving other people's problems. However, his own personal life is in a mess and he is confused. He has gone through a divorce and in his radio station; he meets Shenaz who makes inroads into his life. Meanwhile, his wife Sonal realizes her mistake and soon they are back to friends again. All of this leads to a love triangle of a different kind. Other than these elements, we have also brought forward topics like chemistry, compatibility, social networking sites etc," himesh talks in length about his film.

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Further on Himseh also states that RADIO is for niche audiences, "Yes, we have a specific target audience in mind and it has to be urban youth. RADIO won't see a huge penetration in the single screens or smaller towns. Instead, it would see a controlled release. Otherwise we wouldn't have taken the risk of introducing terms of social networking sites in the realms of a commercial Hindi film. We know what we are talking about and thankfully the reactions have been hugely positive so far."

Trade is abuzz with talks that ever since AAP KAA SURROOR - THE MOVIEE turned out to be a hit, Himesh had started offering a package deal of his triple role as an actor, composer and singer for a sum of 5 crores. This happened with KARZZZZ, KAJRAARE, A LOVE ISSSHTORY and ISHK UNPLUGGED. However, with RADIO he made an exception and offered a partnership deal. "I don't want to comment on my price for the earlier films but yes, RADIO did see a different pricing model. I did reduce my price and hence the reason RADIO could be completed in 6 crores. I am in a partnership mode with the producers and would get 50% of whatever profits that they end up making. I guess that's a fair deal for all," reveals Himesh.

It seems like Himesh wised up from the KARZZZZ experience when the film was a loosing preposition due to its heavy price tag of 42 crores...Himesh interrupts, "It was a different market situation at that time while today it is different. It's true that KARZZZZ flopped because of a huge price tag. At the end of the day a film could be good or bad but eventually it's the price that flops more than anything else. Due to such huge acquiring cost, they had to give a massive release for the film. There were thousands of shows running every day. The makers were right in their own place. However, given the kind of good reviews that came the film's way, I am sure it would have turned into a plus film had the release strategy been same as AAP KAA SURROOR. Well, one can just learn from the mistakes and move on. That's what we have done with RADIO."