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Shenaz Treasurywala: I don't want to be an item girl or join bikini brigade

December 4, 2009 4:23:55 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view RADIO movie stills

view RADIO movie stills

Shenaz Treasurywala prides herself on being a multi faceted personality with varied interests in being a VJ, TV host and writer. Meanwhile, she is also happy exploring an acting career in Bollywood. However, she wishes to do that as per set guidelines that includes saying no to bikinis or item songs if they are incorporated in the film unnecessarily.

"I did reject quite a few offers that required me to wear a bikini and do item numbers. That is not where I want to go with my career. Also, there are a lots of bikini and item girls out there. They are fabulous at what they do; I donít judge them at all. But then I donít want to join them or compete with them", says Shenaz who is being seen in the role of a sweet and simple girl in RADIO.

One can't deny the fact though that the current crop of females is quite uninhibited when it comes to skin show. In fact, it has almost become a part of an actress profile.

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"Iíll do what the role requires me to do. I am professional. As long as itís required and the film really needs it. It should not be there just to tell tickets but to tell a story and convey emotions. I am talented as an actor, I have a personality and this is my strength", says Shenaz who isn't saying an outright no to donning a particular costume.

In her heart, Shenaz believes that she has it in her to present her acting talent to audiences than just a beautiful body. Even though she has acted in a handful of films like ISHQ VISHK, HUM TUM, UMAR and AAGEY SE RIGHT, she is quite sorted out in her mind that being an item girl is not really her goal.

"You get into exposing if all you have is a sexy body. Or may be if you are a magnificent dancer and being an item girl is your career goal. Itís just not my thing or my talent", she says, "I am good actor and I am a brilliant host. I write well too. I want to concentrate on these three interests and talents."

Having said all that, Shenaz isn't someone who shies away from wearing a bikini in her real life. Unlike many of her contemporaries who don the costume only for the camera and aren't quite comfortable with it in real life, Shenaz prides herself in being the proud owner of a closet full of bikinis.

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"I swim everyday and swimming is my salvation", she declares, "Nothing in the world makes me feel more relaxed. I am a complete water baby and wear a bikini in the pool everyday. In fact I have a whole collection of bikinis. So, Iím not prudish or anything."

This is the reason why she believes in the saying 'never say never'.

"If the film takes place on a beach or a boat; if it makes sense story-wise and itís just not to entice the opposite sex or show off my body, then Iím cool. But itís not my focus or choice to market myself like that", she reasons.

Well, there goes the possibility of her getting into the costume in her forthcoming releases like RADIO or DELHI BELLY since neither are the two films set on a beach nor can one expect a possibility of her getting into a boat.

Laughs Shenaz, "Well, tomorrow if get to play a character which is a water baby or a mermaid, I will wear the bikini for sure."