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Naseer turned down his fee to work with Padmini

December 15, 2009 5:15:31 PM IST
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If we go by the news, the so called actors in Bollywood may be charging imaginary numbers of bucks and making a lot of Moolah, but there are superstars who despite of their sky high status in the Indian Film Industry, still prefer decent work over just making money. In a recent example, the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who has just finished film BOLO RAAM, refused to take any fee for the film, because he thought it would be an injustice with the script and the role if any commercial angle was brought in to limelight. Thus, Naseer did not charge a penny from the Director, Rakesh Chaturvedi "Om" or the Producer Goldy Bhutani of Shree Keshav Films and left everyone stunned by refusing his price for the film which releases on 31st of December 2009.

Another reason of Naseer rejecting any money for this film is the nostalgia of working with Padmini Kohlapure after a gap of 2 and a half long decade. The duo was last seen together in WOH SAAT DIN in 1983, and when Naseer was told that Padmini will be cast in this film, Naseer went extremely nostalgic and immediately agreed for the film as he had already been convinced with the strength of the script.

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"I believe that scripts like BOLO RAAM are very rare and they require a lot from an actor. I am sure that if I would have charged any money for the film, I won't ever be able to deliver my best and it would have been an in-justification with the film. I am glad that there were no monetary elements involved and which gives me an opportunity to say that I did this film from & for my heart. Yes it is obvious that Padmini's presence in the film is another reason, which led me away to talk about any financials, because we had come together on screen after a span of 26 long years." This is what Naseer says about such a kind gesture that he has shown in this time of commercialization of cinema.

Responding to this big favor by Naseer, Rakesh Chaturvedi "Om", the director of the film adds- "I think Naseer Ji is a great personality on and as well off-screen. He is a great actor and a great human being as well. I have been doing theatre with him for years now and in all these years, I always kept telling him that I would love to direct him in a film. It is one random day when I narrated the script of BOLO RAAM to him. He was so moved with the script that he said he was doing my film and to relieve me of any problem, he said he was doing it for free. I can't say how obliged I felt. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and can proudly say that he is the finest actor India has ever produced. I am sure people will love his performance in BOLO RAAM too."

BOLO RAAM also marks debut of a young lad Rishi Bhutani, who plays Raam in the film and around whom the whole story revolves. The film also casts Rajpal Yadav, Govind Namdev and Manoj Pahwa in pivotal roles.