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Arshad Warsi: Edited portion of SHORT KUT by itself is a film

July 9, 2009 2:37:46 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON wallpapers

download SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON wallpapers

As per Arshad Warsi, edited footage from his latest release SHORT KUT - THE CON IS ON could qualify as a movie by itself. Reason being that the scenes have not been chopped off from the film because they do not belong to the unwanted lot. Instead, this has been done because the film's length was required to be kept in check (~2 hours) and hence the makers had to do away with quite a few scenes.

"We had shot for quite a bit for SHORT KUT - THE CON IS ON but it's a pity that number of scenes from the film haven't been retained in the final print", rues Arshad, "Kaafi maza aaya tha in scenes mein kaam karke bhi but much to the disappointment of all of us, these will not be there in the final cut."

He promises though that the 'deleted scenes' segment in the DVD would be full of such scenes.

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"I could well call it a 'deleted movie' rather than 'deleted scenes'", says Arshad in his characteristic humour, "We are not talking about 3-4 scenes here; we are talking about a whole bunch here. For the viewers there is a lot in store in the film."

As per Arshad, Neeraj has treated SHORT KUT - THE CON IS ON in a manner similar to that of Priyadarshan.

"Neeraj has written quite a number of films for Priyadarshan and both of them come from the same school. Hence, it is obvious that our film too has a Priyan touch to it. Both Neeraj and Priyan make similar kind of movies. Also, the film has an intrinsic Indian feel to it in spite of the fact that both Akshaye and myself play core Bombay boys", concludes Arshad.


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