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Ruslaan Mumtaz: Sex happens, but at least be responsible

July 13, 2009 12:45:27 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view TEREE SANG movie stills

view TEREE SANG movie stills

After MP3 - MERA PEHLA PEHLA PYAAR, Ruslaan Mumtaz would be seen again on the big screen in Satish Kaushik directed TEREE SANG. In the film, he plays the role of a 17 year old boyfriend of a 15 year old girl (Sheena Shahabadi) who gets pregnant from him. The film comes with a message around teen pregnancy and has one of it's major promotional pegs being sex education.

''I am 26 today and through the film, I want to tell youth to be responsible'', says Ruslaan in a matured tone, ''When we are 16-17 years old, we pretend that we know everything. But then when I look back today, I feel that I was stupid.''


Any act of stupidity that he wants to narrate?

''I remember that as a 17 year old, I sometimes used to sneak out with my dad's car. I also used to drive after consuming alcohol and used to boast to my friends that I was all cool and nothing is gonna happen. Today, I feel it was all so risky'', he says.

How about sex?

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''Well, nature has made you such that sex happens. But then at the least one has to be responsible'', says Ruslaan without revealing much about his own past, ''What may happen though is that as a kid you may rely completely upon friends or whatever material is available to you. Through the film, we are trying to tell parents to communicate with their kids and talk to them about sex so that they make conscious decisions in their life.''

Directed by Satish Kaushik, TEREE SANG tells the story of Maahi (Sheena) and Kukko (Ruslaan) who play school mates. In one of their outdoor rendezvous with a bunch of friends, they decide to 'experiment' and end up making love to each other. When Maahi gets pregnant, she decides to give birth to the child. In this journey of hers, she gets complete support from Kukko.


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