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Mithun's LUCK to shine...'Koi Shaq'?

July 22, 2009 5:02:33 PM IST
Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download LUCK wallpapers

download LUCK wallpapers

Soham Shah's LUCK just doesn't mark the launch of Kamal Haasan's beautiful daughter Shruti Haasan but it's also being touted as a good comeback film for yesteryear's superstar Mithun Chakraborty.

Reports are that in the film Mithun returns with his trademark dialogue 'Koi Shaq' after two decades on the big screen.

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And Mithun is equally elated to have worked in the film. Recently when a special screening for LUCK was held in the tinsel town, Mithun with his family was present to enjoy the movie. Son Mimoh was so impressed by dad's performance that he couldn't stop raving about him throughout the screening. He was heard saying that his dad's takia kalaam in the film will become a huge rage in B-town once the film releases. People will love his innocence and will go gaga over his one-liner.

Hmm...looking at Mimoh's excitement we have no shaq that Mithun's LUCK will definitely shine once this Indian Films - Studio 18 release hits the screens on 24th July 2009!