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Studio 18 to make UAE lucky with LUCK

July 24, 2009 2:53:13 PM IST
Bollywood Trade News Network
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view LUCK movie poster

view LUCK movie poster

Trust Studio 18 to shower loads of LUCK in UAE!

India's prominent distribution company Studio 18 is on a spree to make UAE dwellers lucky. Wondering how? Well the premier entity has devised an innovative, one of its kind contest for the movie buffs - 'Watch LUCK and get LUCKY' in UAE.

Following that Studio 18 will announce a lucky number for 3 consecutive days and if your ticket has that number you can win 2 tickets to India OR Pakistan.

Not only this, 10 other Lucky winners will get an authentic silver bracelet along with Movie Merchandise of the film LUCK.

So UAE don't miss this lucky opportunity, go 'Aazma Your Luck' to win the exciting stuffs out there.