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Priyanka Kothari believes in improving...

July 25, 2009 6:48:54 PM IST
Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Priyanka Kothari aka Nisha Kothari, who sort of vanished from Bollywood front after she was last seen in duds like RGV KI AAG & GO, is back with a vengeance. And all excited about her forthcoming release AGYAAT, once again with Bollywood's maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma.

After RGV KI AAG many had speculated that Priyanka & Ramu have parted ways and will no more work together. But Priyanka puts all the rumours to rest saying, ''I don't understand from where such stories crop up. Infact I am surprised to hear about it. I think people who don't have any work to do resort to such crapy stuff. It's all their imagination. Ramu sir is such a brilliant director. Even in my wildest of dreams I can't think of such thing.''


So what made her stay away from the public glare and return after a long gap that too with Ramu?

Priyanka blurts out on the same, ''It's nothing like I was hiding anywhere. There were so many things which went down at the same time. I wanted to analyze myself as to where I am going wrong, why things are not working & whatever steps I took. Because of that I took a small break to rework on my overall skills including my dialogue delivery, dancing & acting, etc and prepare myself well for the future endeavours. I don't want to end up doing stupid films. I just love improving myself. Also I was working in few south films. So all these reasons kept me away from the limelight.''

And how she bagged AGYAAT, to which she quickly replied, ''It just happened. While I was in revive mode, Ramu sir came to me with AGYAAT and I was all ready for it.''

Well Priyanka, after knowing this we have become all the more eager to see your work in upcoming release AGYAAT, which is all set to hit the screens on 7th August 2009.


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