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Imraan's poor communication skills...

June 4, 2009 6:50:20 PM IST
Apeksha, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view IMRAAN KHAN picture gallery

Both Salman Rushdie & director Deepa Mehta, who are all set to adapt the author's much sought-after novel Midnight's Children, foresee Imraan Khan as the protagonist Saleem in the film. Imran, jaane tu ya jaane na? We ask this simply because Deepa has reportedly tried to contact Imran several times but to her dismay, there was no response from his end.

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It isn't known why the blue-eyed boy of B-town responded with discernible empathy to Deepa's efforts. Maybe he was busy or maybe he isn't quite keen. It's a fact that Deepa has worked with Imu's chachu Aamir in 1947 EARTH, which wasn't smooth-sailing for the director. Till date, they say Aamir and Deepa don't agree on the way Aamir's character was interpreted in the film. Coincidentally, Aamir had also played a kind of midnight's child in 1947, though his character wasn't born at the stroke of midnight.

Some also feel it could be the young actor's inability to connect with the historical background of the project. Buck up Imraan we are eager to witness you in the garb of historically plush charcter Saleem Sinai!