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Sayali's horrifying experience!

June 10, 2009 7:14:10 PM IST
Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download SAYALI BHAGAT wallpapers

Bollywood hottie Sayali Bhagat, may be known for her fearless, bold & tough persona, but the sultry siren actually developed goosebumps while she had to do a particular dance sequence for her upcoming film PAYING GUEST.

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Wondering how? Well it so happened that, the song required Sayali to act like a school kid and dance to the tunes of nursery rhyme 'Jack n Jill', wearing the school uniform, at the Patpong street of Bangkok. Its not that the damsel had any qualms performing the song. Apparently it's that particular street of Bangkok, which made the pretty lass uneasy. Reason? Patpong street is a Red light area and the idea of dancing in the middle of that street gave shivers to Sayali. ''Initially when I was informed about performing the song on that street I was quite thrilled, but as I started my act those roving eyes made me all the more conscious & sent a chrill down the spine,'' Says Sayali

Infact Sayali considers it as one of her most daring acts till date. Laughs off Sayali, ''Ya, it's scarier than doing a bungee jumping or any other dare-devilry stunt for that matter''.

Well Sayali, we are sure this experience has made you smarter!


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