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Bhatts stay away from skin show in JASHNN

June 29, 2009 5:22:25 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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While majority of films coming from the house of Bhatts traditionally boast of liberal dose of skin show, it is not really the case in their upcoming film JASHNN. For this dramatic musical, the makers were sure that they didn't need to resort to skin show and instead wanted to completely focus on the relationships which drove the story forward. This is the reason why a solitary love making scene in the film also lasts for just a few seconds while being a part of the song.

''We decided at the very onset of JASHNN there it won't have any skin show'', informs the director duo Raksha-Hasnain that had allowed fair amount of skin on display in THE KILLER and THE TRAIN, ''What you see in the promos is all that you get to see in the film. There is a love making scene that is made up of hardly three shots with a sedate kiss thrown in.''

Was there really a need for this scene featuring Adhyayan Suman and Anjana Sukhani to be retained when the makers had made up their mind?

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''Yes, this sequence is required since Adhyayan's character is shown to be going through a phase when a lot of anger, fear and frustration is building in him'', adds Raksha, ''It's that point which could come into any teenager's life where making love becomes a kind of outlet for such pent up emotions. The story requires that point in his life to be shown. However, as we stated earlier, instead of going overboard and using the sequence for titillation, we have just kept it extremely subtle and indicative.''

Adhyayan too agrees on the presence of the sequence but also adds cautiously, ''There is nothing suggestive about it and cliched as it may sound but it has been shot quite aesthetically. When you watch the film you will see it for yourself.''


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