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Vaishali gearing up for her critics

May 15, 2009 3:54:43 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view KAL KISSNE DEKHA videos

view KAL KISSNE DEKHA videos

Vaishali Desai is ecstatic. Her KAL KISSNE DEKHA is finally releasing all over on 29th May and she is happy that after a nervous wait for close to a couple of months, she would be seen on the big screen.

''I have done all that I could. Now it's time for my audiences and critics to pass the verdict. Honestly, I am open to all the bouquets and brickbats coming my way. Of course I believe that I have done my job quite well, courtesy my director Vivek Sir, co-star Jackky, producer Vashuji and a great crew that was always there to support me at every juncture. So even as the world would have a viewpoint about how the film looks and how has my performance been, the critics that I look forward to most are my parents'', says Vaishali Desai who has Bollywood blood running in her veins.


Born and brought up in a protective environment, Vaishali began her stint in the glamour industry as a model. She soon graduated to commercials and found KAL KISSNE DEKHA knocking her doors.

''I was constantly reminded by my parents though that I had to keep my feet firmly on ground. They kept reminding me that getting a break was one thing, performing another and audience reception something else. Because of them I never lost focus and objectivity in my work'', smiles Vaishali who is waiting patiently for the release of KAL KISSNE DEKHA before signing her next project.

Talking about the importance of her parents in her life, Vaishali says, ''Cliched as this may sound but the fact is that my parents are my best critics. They would never try to flatter me because that they know it wouldn't be of any help. In fact they are over critical about my work, something which I realized when I showed them my first rushes. They didn't praise me to the skies or told the world that I was the next best thing to have happened to Bollywood. They merely told me the positives and the constructive in my performances. This way I am thankful to God that I have such parents who always keep my feet placed firmly on the ground.''