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Saif Ali Khan: We haven't sold our souls for KURBAAN

November 21, 2009 6:05:47 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view KURBAAN movie stills

view KURBAAN movie stills

KURBAAN has released and the industry is already upbeat with the prospects of the film doing well at the box office. Producer Karan Johar is experimenting with diverse genres and his WAKE UP SID has already turned out to be a sleeper hit a few weeks back. Now with KURBAAN, he takes a far more commercial route while telling the kind of story that doesn't deviate from the ethos of Dharma Productions.

With Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor as the lead pair in this gritty and intense affair, KURBAAN is not just noticeable for it's hard hitting theme (it has an undercurrent of terror running throughout it's narrative) but also love making and kissing between the real life couple which is igniting the heat for camera as well.

Over to Saif Ali Khan who breaks quite a few myths around skin show in KURBAAN and the relevance of his first ever on-screen pairing with Kareena Kapoor.

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The film has released and it is clear that it belongs to dramatic thriller genre. One can't help but ask - 'Was a backless picture of Kareena with him in bare torso absolutely necessary?'

Saif promptly replies 'Yes it was because through that sole still, the essence of the film was made quite clear before the audiences. KURBAAN is a sensitive film and a poster like this was never meant to titillate the audiences. I haven't come across anyone who would state anything on the contrary. The makers haven't tried to sensationalize the film through this.

But haven't he wondered if audiences would look at the scenes more from Saif-Kareena love story perspective than that of Ehsaan Khan and Kareena (names of the characters they play in the film). 'I don't think so. Once the camera is on, personal relationships go out. Yes, there is a certain comfort level for sure when you do such a scene with your partner for a film. This is why it comes across a little more natural. But it isn't like we are selling our souls out there for creating any kind of sensation. I am sure that with some other actress, I wouldn't have been as comfortable,' Saif on the on-screen romance.

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Well, some film makers have made a career out of sensationalizing their films through kisses and off/on screen affairs. But Saif has his own viewpoint, 'I am not saying anything around that because KURBAAN has been made with a different sensibility altogether. I don't even think that the marketing and promotion team is even highlighting the sexual part about the film. I understand the sensibilities of Karan and Rensil D'Souza and I am sure they have quite a few other things as well to talk about the spirit, essence and treatment of KURBAAN. None of us associated with the film are going out and selling the sex angle; it is just being written about.'

But wasn't that expected due to Saif and Kareena being a pair?

Saif defends the intimate scenes between him & Kareena, 'See, Ehsaan and Avantika are married so they are bound to kiss and make love. Yes, because of Kareena and me being a pair, the scenes do stay on to be a little longer on camera due to the entire comfort feeling. But it isn't as if it has all been shown in an explicit manner on screen. Whatever you see, it stays true to the story. The same holds true for other parts in the film as well, whether it's the action, thrills or dialogues. However, one can't help much if love making and kissing starts making headlines.'

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With Karan Johar at the helm of affairs, it must have made the decision making a wee bit easier, isn't it?

Saif talks about his equation with Karan, 'Absolutely yes! There is much more to film making than just shooting it. There is a lot to be thought about when it comes to marketing, promoting and releasing it well. In my career spanning over a decade and a half, I have realized that it is big banners that make successful films. Dharma Productions has been making great films for so long now. It is one of the oldest and royal production houses. Moreover, Karan is a deeply intelligent man who understands every asset of film making. With Rensil and other right technicians in place for KURBAAN, it made the decision making easier.'