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Mugdha Godse: JAIL was like a home production

November 6, 2009 3:16:35 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view JAIL movie stills

view JAIL movie stills

Last year, Mugdha Godse resulted in eye brows being raised with her noteworthy act in FASHION. As an underdog in the Madhur Bhandarkar directed film, she delivered a performance that was quite a pleasant surprise considering the fact that there were established actors like Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut around. Now, she is back with JAIL where she get an opportunity by director Madhur Bhandarkar to show her acting talent once again.

Within three weeks of ALL THE BEST, she's having an altogether different film JAIL coming up. Some shift in mindset here. Says an excited Mugdha, 'Yes, of course. JAIL is completely different from ALL THE BEST or for that matter even FASHION. Here I am playing a girl next door who is coy and living a normal life with a boyfriend on her side. It's a completely performance oriented film. In fact for Madhur, it was challenging to show a girl who is 'samaanya' rather than glamorous, as was the case in FASHION. For me personally though, it was quite exciting since I was working on both ALL THE BEST and JAIL in the same time. I said to myself that 'Chalo, I can now enjoy two different looks'!

So we have yet another female actor joining the 'no make up look' brigade, 'It's easy to make loud declarations that you have decided to go without any make up. In normal day to day life it is cool to be stepping out without a make up. However, when it comes to being in front of the camera, regardless of the kind of role you are playing, there is a bit of self consciousness that does come in. Even I went through this phase and used to apply something on my face. However, Madhur promptly used to remove it,' Mugdha on turning de-glamorous for the film.

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Also she couldn't protest, 'Madhur told me my character had lost so much in life and was always under so much mental pressure that she couldn't have found time or inclination to make her look beautiful for the outside world. He didn't even allow me to get into the vanity van as he wanted me to get that feeling of life without luxury.'

With Madhur this is her second film. By this time there must have been an enhanced comfort level on the sets. 'Ask me (smiles). I was thinking of JAIL as my home production because the entire team was just the same as FASHION. In fact I use to tease Neil (Nitin Mukesh) that he was the only outsider there! Since he is quite chilled out himself, he used to laugh it out. Due to this, there was a great camaraderie between him and me. I was completely enjoying my time on the sets. In fact Neil used to tell me that just because I was on Madhur's sets, I could afford to be such a brat. Well, I guess that's actually quite true since Madhur is like a family. I share very good vibes with his wife too.'

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Though JAIL is pretty much a complete dramatic affair, Mugdha reveals that there are tender romantic moments between Neil and her, 'There is a definite love story in JAIL and it isn't like you are getting into watching just a core hard hitting film. In fact the movie starts on a very romantic note with. However, Neil's character has a brush with law and then life changes for everyone, whether the person who gets into the jail or his loved ones outside it.'

Two big Fridays in a matter of three weeks. Is she tensed?

'Of course I am tense, who won't be? I am feeling like I am in a different zone altogether; it's all so surreal. I don't know what is going to happen next. In an industry where one Friday makes such a difference to your fortunes, I am having two to contend with. Thankfully, one (ALL THE BEST) has gone by peacefully and rather successfully so all my excitement now moves to the next. I am loving the kind of nervous bouts that I am having while also praying to God simultaneously. Thankfully, both the movies belong to different genres. I am looking forward to audiences' reaction on this contrast.