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When ROCKET SINGH star Gauahar was nicknamed Jerry!

November 13, 2009 11:42:45 AM IST
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view GAUHAR KHAN picture gallery

Gauahar Khan is a on a high these days. The model-actor is celebrating the recent success of Ranbir Kapoor (WAKE UP SID & AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI), her co-star from upcoming film ROCKET SINGH - SALESMAN OF THE YEAR.

Says Gauahar,' I am celebrating the success of Ranbir's movie. During the shooting of the ROCKET SINGH we got along like a house on fire. We played pranks on each other and also the entire crew present. There were times when I too was made a scapegoat by the crew. Let me tell you one such incident...During a scene filming the guy gang on the sets including Ranbir Kapoor, director Shimit Amin and a senior actor ganged up against me and played a prank on me. The scene required was the one where everyone had gathered around a dining table and then suddenly burst out laughing. The director was hell-bent on shooting a natural laughter so he went and whispered something in the senior actor's ear. Then he asked me to serve everyone present. As I went about doing my chore the senior actor looked at me deviously....and mouthed 'Prem naam hai mera' the very famous dialogue mouthed by Prem Chopra where he was playing a villian.'

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Gauahar got so scared that she dropped the plates and ran to the other side of the room. The guy gang burst out laughing and that's when she realized that she was made a butt of their jokes on the directors coaxing. The scene came off looking as natural. They have used that particular scene in the movie too.

Adds Gauahar, 'I was so very scared when I heard that. I dropped the plates and ran away. When I realized that it was a prank that they played on me even I joined them in the laughter as these things keep happening and even I have played many a pranks on people. Infact my friends and family have nicknamed me Jerry from Tom and Jerry. They say I have his characteristic trait of frustrating people and running away just when they are about to explode. But believe me I am a fun loving person and its all done in good taste. I would never do anything to annoy someone consciously or unconsciously.'