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Karan Johar: Rensil seems to have achieved 'nirvana'

November 19, 2009 11:34:04 AM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Karan Johar is different. Unlike many a film makers who make sweeping statements around how putting together a film with an intensity matching the scale of KURBAAN was an emotionally draining experience, he says that it's all part of the job. He also insists that at the end of the day, it completely depends upon how a film maker envisages the making of a film and keeps things calm, composed and under control.

'Yes, KURBAAN is an intense movie but that doesn't mean that we were all depressed during its making. In fact there was not a single day when there was any stress on the sets. Of course the days around 26/11 were bad since the shoot was happening in US while there was so much tension in India. However, leaving aside that period, there weren't any hard moments that had an impact on anyone's mindset', says Karan who took a backseat for the project and instead hired first time director Rensil D'Silva to call the shots.

'Oh, he is a really sensible and sorted out guy. He is very clam and actually seems to have achieved 'nirvana'. Nothing can rattle him', says Karan fondly about Rensil.


He believes that it is because of Rensil that the film's shoot went on so smoothly.

'The film does have its emotional highs and there are quite a few poignant moments that would bring a lump in your throat. But then that doesn't necessarily mean that all of this constitutes for an emotionally draining experience. Sometimes, you need to internalize certain emotions and this is what has happened in case of KURBAAN. All credit to Rensil for making the film this way', he continues.

He does acknowledge though that physically, it was quite a challenge to shoot KURBAAN.

'It was a tough and serious film. There was quite a lot of difficult shoot involved. There was some serious cold with lot of all around action taking place. There is certain amount of energy level that was required to be maintained in the film's narrative. Thankfully, the crew got along quite seriously and everyone was in synch with each other for a common cause. But no, it was definitely not a picnic, as it happens in some films', signs off Karan.