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Sameera turns Punjabi for DE DANA DAN

November 23, 2009 12:26:39 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view DE DANA DAN videos

view DE DANA DAN videos

A South Indian by origin, Sameera Reddy would be going through a complete role reversal for her upcoming release DE DANA DAN. In the Priyadarshan directed laugh riot, she would be playing a Punjabi girl who goes by the name of Manpreet Oberoi. While she has always managed a good command over Hindi diction right throughout her career, did she have to go an extra mile to get the Punjabi accent, lingo and mannerisms right?

"Arrey nahi, koyi Punjabi accent nahi daalna pada mujhe film mein (No, I didn't have to get any Punjabi accent for the film). I am playing a normal urban girl in the film who just happens to be a Punjabi and that's about it", clarifies Sameera who had a successful 2008 in the form of RACE and ONE TWO THREE.

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She is game for getting into the skin of a Punjabi girl though if an interesting enough script comes her way. "I can't wait to get into those shoes", she says while imitating Punjabi lingo, "My name is Manpreet in the film but everyone calls me Mannu. It was fun."

Further elaborating on the fun element in DE DANA DAN, she says, "Katrina and I play girlfriends of Akshay and Suneil respectively and since we have money and they don't, it leads to some really funny scenes. In their endeavour to make money, they steal a dog and what follows next brings in more than a couple of dozen characters together. The film is typical Priyadarshan cinema and has the kind of comedy which is completely situational."