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David Dhawan not surprised with HOOK YA CROOK rumors

November 28, 2009 3:25:24 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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A delay in a project also brings in its own share of speculations, grapevine and rumours. One such rumour making the rounds is that UTV is planning to release its upcoming film HOOK YA CROOK the film on DTH. However, director David Dhawan denies the story which is currently making rounds and states emphatically that the John Abraham would have a normal theatrical release.

David Dhawan straightaway comes up with a denial though. "Where did you hear this one now", he says in an amused tone, "Nothing like this is happening at all. I am not surprised with such rumours though. With so many news channels and other media forums to be fed, there is something that has to be written about day in and night out."

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In fact the rumour even touched an extreme where it was being said that the film won't release in theaters at all and instead arrive directly on DTH. On the other hand a situation isn't ruled out where the film would arrive in theaters but the DTH premier too would happen on the same day and time basis.

"Really, all these talks of HOOK YA CROOK releasing directly on DTH instead of theaters is stretching one's imagination a little too far. This is news to me as well", says Dhawan who is attached to the project for quite a few years now.

Still, considering the fact that in recent time, MAIN AURR MRS KHANNA had indeed arrived on DTH after the very opening weekend of its release; a possibility like this can't really be ruled out completely. However, theatre owners aren't expected to be pleased with such a development.

"It would be catastrophic if the film arrives on DTH so early", says Dhawan, "It is an expensive film and a big one at that. It needs to be seen in theaters first rather than small screen."