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Asin: Vipul gave me complete freedom for LONDON DREAMS

October 7, 2009 2:43:26 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

In a career spanning 8 years, Asin has worked in more than a dozen odd films. While her Bollywood career began with GHAJINI (2008), she has worked in quite a few films down South. With such experience behind her, one does expect her to make her presence felt on the sets and LONDON DREAMS, her second Hindi film, was no exception. Even though she had Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan as co-stars with Vipul Shah at the helm of affairs, she was vocal about her opinions.

"I don't hesitate giving opinions or sharing point of views during the making of the film. As an actor, it is good to give your inputs. However, one should always strive to bring in a balance. After all, the film is a director's baby and it is he who has the larger vision of how his characters and scenes fit in", says Asin.


However, she is quick to add that rather than being stuck with her own thoughts, she lets herself completely in the hands of the director and allows him to mould her as per his vision.

"See, I am a director's actor. I respond and react as the way director demands from me", she says, "I could have certain thoughts but ultimately, I am not here to judge myself. I do a scene as my director wants me to. I entirely follow his vision."

Both GHAJINI and LONDON DREAMS are completely different films. When she began working on LONDON DREAMS, were there any specific instructions from Vipul on how he wanted her to approach the role?

"No, there were no concrete instructions", Asin responds quickly, "The best part was that he gave me the script and from there, I had to see the way the character was supposed to be. It wasn't difficult because one has to have minimal common sense to see how you want to approach a character. I am glad that Vipul gave me enough freedom."