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ACID FACTORY - A tribute to Feroz Khan cinema?

October 10, 2009 3:07:35 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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If Feroz Khan would have been alive today, he would have made a movie like ACID FACTORY. Reason being that this is exactly the kind of film that Feroz Khan loved to make decades back. A thriller which is stylish, non-stop and has a definite story to tell, ACID FACTORY is truly Suparn Verma's tribute to Feroz Khan brand of cinema.

While Feroz Khan inspiration is quite apparent, once also sees the film maker bearing similar sensibilities as that of Abbas Mustan when it comes to putting together a thriller. The film is pretty much like Abbas Mustan directed RACE where there was a twist in the plot at more than half a dozen odd junctures. As has been a much known adage, for a suspense thriller to work, it should have a strong motive, a curiosity factor that rises exponentially and the final twist that catches you unaware. But what can one say about a film like ACID FACTORY where during the entire 100 minutes, there is one layer after another being peeled off, hence leading to a mystery being broken at practically every 10 minutes?

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ACID FACTORY is also special since it doesn't proclaim audiences to keep their brains at home. The basic plot of ACID FACTORY [memory loss] is such that along with the characters in the film, even audiences are forced to keep their minds alert without blinking an eyelid. Due to the intelligent nature of the film's screenplay, you can't keep your 'brains at home' to be entertained. Moreover, the film is not just talk heavy without a respite. To give some breather to audiences, action director Tinu Verma comes in handy and along with Suparn gets close to half a dozen full blown action/chase sequences.

When it comes to action films, it is quite easy to look down upon them and pass on as mere time pass thrillers. However, ACID FACTORY goes beyond that. As an underdog film that has arrived amidst strong competition, it has a deep rooted element of diminishing morality and values when it comes to mankind. Here, a black is black and a white is white, with or without the memory intact!


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