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Will Ajay be lucky this time against Akshay?

October 10, 2009 12:31:39 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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The last two times that Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar met, the result has been more or less in the favour of the 'Khiladi'. This may sound a bit too confusing for those who are not very aware of the clashes between their films in the past, so will make it clear and support our theory with data.

The year was 2000, when Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar clashed head to head. The first time that their films clashed was on August 11, when Akshay Kumar's DHADKAN released along side Ajay Devgan's DEEWANE. Both the films were quite hyped and saw the action stars in romantic roles. Though both DHADKAN and DEEWANE started off on a slow note, DHADKAN picked up and did a very steady business and Akshay was accepted as an all out romantic hero, despite his strong action image. Here we must mention that he was well supported by Sunil Shetty in a lovable negative role that won him quite a few awards.

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Next time the clash was not head on, as Devgan's high budget family drama, RAJU CHACHA, starring Kajol released on December 20, 2000, around a week ahead of Akshay's KHILADI 420, which released on December 29th. And once again the "Khiladi' was in tremendous form as he overtook Devgan's well made but somewhat kiddish RAJU CHACHA. Though KHILADI 420 eventually could not sustain and failed after the good opening, but it did crush any hopes of Ajay's RAJU CHACHA doing favorable business in its second week.

This 'Diwali' Ajay and Akshay meet once again, and both the stars have the support of massive star cast, tremendous hype, chartbusting music and blitzkrieg promotion. From the buzz it appears that both BLUE and ALL THE BEST...FUN BEGINS look set for a good fight at the ticket window and let's see who the eventual winner is.

Though BLUE is carrying a tremendous hype, but Ajay and the rest of the star cast have really upped the tempo where promotion of ALL THE BEST is concerned, so may be Ajay will be lucky this time against Akshay.