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Liam Neeson on the sets of LONDON DREAMS

October 16, 2009 2:23:38 PM IST
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download LONDON DREAMS wallpapers

download LONDON DREAMS wallpapers

It's true that Bollywood has crossed borders and gone international. A case in point being Vipul A. Shah's forthcoming Salman Khan-Ajay Devgan-Asin starrer LONDON DREAMS.

The UK schedule of the film saw quite a lot of excitement especially when an important sequence featuring Salman and Ajay was being shot at the Southbank in London. The Hollywood biggie, Taken, toplining Liam Neeson, was premiering at the BFI closeby.

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Much to the crew's amusement, there was a bigger turnout to see the Bolly stars than the Hollywood premiere! This seemingly made Liam Neeson himself walk over to the shoot to see what the fuss was all about. Upon realizing that a huge Bollywood film was being shot he made a quiet exit to his premiere.

Said Vipul, "Salman, Ajay and I didn't end up meeting him, as we were busy with the shoot, but some members of our crew went up to him. He was very interested in knowing how Bollywood films were made."