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Emraan Hashmi: Hollywood can learn from us

October 22, 2009 12:24:49 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view TUM MILE videos

view TUM MILE videos

With TUM MILE, Emraan Hashmi has now worked in his costliest film till date. Abound with VFX and special effects, the film could pretty much turn out to be a landmark film for Emraan who has made a career out of working in medium budget films, majority of which have turned out to be successful at the box office.

Still, Emraan is cautious when he talks about the scale at which TUM MILE has been shot, "I know one thing that Mukeshji (Bhatt) knows where to spend money. He does approve a certain budget only when it is required by a script. For a film like TUM MILE which takes the viewer to the horrific night of 26th July 2005 when floods struck Mumbai, it was required that the film gets a real look."

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No wonder, an entire factory was booked at stretch for the film's shooting. Also, special sets had to be created since they were required to be filled with water with the cast and crew in the midst of it and shooting the film.

"Mukeshji gave us all the liberty which was required for the film. Yes, we had to step up the budget but still it hasn't hit the roof as such. It's all still quite reasonable", he adds.

On a parting note, Emraan quips, "Give the same subject and demand similar visuals from the Hollywood folks and you would see such insane amount being spent. In comparison, we have achieved so much in so little. Bollywood has actually come a long way when it comes to special effects. Today we can proudly proclaim that Hollywood can learn from us on how to effectively control budget and still make the desired impact."