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LONDON DREAMS 150 minutes long? No worries

October 28, 2009 2:40:15 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

After the final edit, LONDON DREAMS has turned out to be 150 minutes long. However, Vipul Shah isn't worried about the running length of the film in the times when 2 hour long movies have almost become like a trend.

"I disagree that a film can only be 2 hours long today", Vipul says, "It should be the subject that should be driving the length rather than vice versa. In a kind of film like LONDON DREAMS where there are so many emotions to deal with, you can't start cutting the film randomly. There is love, romantic track, relationships, music - so much out there in the film. It needs to carry that emotional quotient and follow a certain graph before it comes to a close."

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He has made shorter films like AANKHEN and SINGH IS KINNG earlier.

"But then these were thrillers or action comedies", he reasons, "Subjects like these can be showed moving quite fast and you can have a cutting edge editing to them. In a romantic musical, you can't and you should not be doing that."

Narrating the case of many other blockbusters from both India as well as the West where the biggest of the blockbusters have seen a running time of more than 2.5 hours, Vipul says, "We have unnecessarily started believing that audiences don't like to see long films. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Even in the current times, long movies are breaking records all over. Here in Bollywood, sometimes distributors do demand a scene be cut from here or there so that the movie becomes shorter, an extra show can be added and further revenue can be generated. Thankfully, I haven't heard that for LONDON DREAMS. Everyone is quite happy with the product and it would release as it is."