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Bipasha Basu gets cornered

October 31, 2009 4:06:01 PM IST
Ruh & Ruh, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view LAMHAA movie poster

view LAMHAA movie poster

Being beautiful may not always work in your favour. This ringed true for Bipasha while she was shooting for her film LAMHAA in Kashmir.

It so happened that during her shoot in Kashmir the security around her was so tight that she was completely surrounded by the men in uniform. With the beauty surrounded by the men, the situation became a bit intimidating for the actress and her discomfiture was quite vivid in her expression.

Sensing the predicament of his actress, the producer of the film Bunty Walia came to Bips rescue and ordered the security to leave her alone.

Speaking about the incident, Walia says, "Actually, it was after a long time that a full fledged shooting of such a large scale was happening in Kashmir. So, the crowds used to gather whenever we went out to shoot. Consequently our security was also beefed up to deal with the swelling crowds that used to throng the sets. On this particular day, when Bipasha was surrounded by security men, I could sense her discomfort at this heightened security blanket around her and had to intervene. Finally, the actress breathed a sigh of relief when the security around her was relaxed."

LAMHAA is one of the few films that has been shot in Kashmir over the years and is slated to release early next year.