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How Vikram transformed Ashish from 'Aloo' to 'Chicken'!

September 2, 2009 3:34:23 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view ASHISH CHOWDHRY picture gallery

view ASHISH CHOWDHRY picture gallery

Don't be perplexed by our headlines because we are going to relate some very interesting incidents involving writer-director and now producer Vikram Bhatt and actor Ashish Chowdhry.

The association between the two goes back to the days of the TV serial, HUM PARDESI HO GAYE, starring a good looking youngster, who went by the name of Ashish Chowdhry. Vikram later on graduated from TV to movies, with the thriller FAREB. Ashish was naturally disappointed at not being a part of the cast to which Vikram mockingly said, ''Just get rid of your pimples first!''

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Days and years passed and one fine day on the sets of BANDA YE BINDAAS HAI in film city, Vikram visted Ashish and once again teased him with a one liner, ''Why have you become an 'Aloo' (potato)?" And then clarified to a visibly shocked Ashish, ''Just like potatoes are added as fillers to dishes, much in the same way you are being used in films, doing insignificant roles. Realize your potential and become a chicken, the main dish!'' Ashish retorted back by saying ''Why don't you give me a chicken role?'' To which Vikram nodded. And true to his word, Vikram Bhatt's upcoming Thursday (3rd September) release, THREE-LOVE, LIES AND BETRAYAL, sees Ashish Chaudhry in a never before lead role, doing full justice to himself, as is evident in the promos.

Well, one never knew that Ashish had it in him and all credit to Vikram for making Ashish realize his potential. Here's whishing many more chicken roles for Ashish and to his upcoming THREE!


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