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Neeraj Shridhar: I used to listen to NS in Sweden!

September 4, 2009 4:31:05 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Top Bollywood singer, Neeraj Shridhar has sung for almost all the frontline composers of the Hindi film industry, but is working for the first time with Nadeem - Shravan, the former numero uno composers of Bollywood for close to a decade in the ninetees. Neeraj's non stop hits that started with BHOOOL BHULAAIYA continue even today in films like LOVE AAJ KAL and are expected to continue with the upcoming DO KNOT DISTURB, which has music by Nadeem - Shravan..


In fact the two outstanding tracks ''Bebo'' and ''Beautiful Woman'' of Nadeem - Shravan's comeback project, DO KNOT DISTURB, once again feature Neeraj Shridhar. When we asked Neeraj whether he too was a Nadeem - Shravan fan, he replied, ''Who isn't? I used to listen to their songs on films like AASHIQUI from cassettes, which were available in Sweden, where I was during that time.'' Probe him about his experience of working with NS, he elaborates, ''It was a good experience, though I only met Shravanji and the sound engineers who programmed the songs during the recording.''

Here's wishing DO KNOT DISTURB to be the next triumph for Neeraj as well as a successful comeback for the former kings of melody, Nadeem - Shravan.


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