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Sonali Kulkarni scores a hat trick of releases

September 4, 2009 4:39:45 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view MOHANDAS movie stills

view MOHANDAS movie stills

Ok, so Sonali Kulkarni is definitely not one of those actors in the country who bring in audiences by dozens into theaters. In fact she is nowhere near doing that even though she has a talent to boast, as evidenced in some of the earlier films that she did in Hindi or some Marathi films that she has been doing throughout her decade long career.

This is why it is nothing short of a surprise when she turns out to be one of the most prolific female actors in the current season with as many as three of her films releasing in consecutive weeks. Yes, that's true. While a couple of Fridays back she was the leading lady in SHADOW and had the biggest part in the film, last Friday she was seen in LOVE KHICHDI. And now today she would be seen as a leading lady in MOHANDAS - A MAN LOST IN HIS OWN NATION.

It's a different thing though that SHADOW disappeared without a trace and same has been the case with LOVE KHICHDI. At least in case of latter, which saw a delayed release in theaters and featured her as a maid, got some decent reviews coming her way. However, it was an all around flak that she received for her role of a cop in B-Grader SHADOW where she was lynched most for her unpardonable item number 'Masti Masti'.

She seems to be returning to her roots though in MOHANDAS, which in spite of being yet another delayed release, at least features her in the kind of set up where she is presumably most comfortable. In this Mazhar Kamran directed realistic thriller, she plays Meghna Sengupta who is a correspondent for a news channel in New Delhi. She is not just devoted to her profession but is also a head-strong woman who follows her own instincts in pursuit of her objectives.

Well, one hopes that with MOHANDAS, she at least turns out to be third time lucky!


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