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How AAMRAS's Nikki Tasha became Ntasha!

September 9, 2009 6:27:34 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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One of this week's upcoming release is Rupali Guha's AAMRAS. The film is about female (rather schoolmate) bonding, and the promos are getting a lot of eyeballs due to the unique treatment and also the fresh and pretty faces, one of them being Ntasha Bhardwaj (Pari Sehgal), who is not really Ntasha!

Confused? Don't be, because there is an interesting story to it, told to us by none other that Ms Bhardwaj. Says Ntasha, "Actually Ntasha is a short form of Nikki Tasha. The reason being that my parents were in America and we were told that having a Russian name in US may create some problems, so my name became Ntasha. Even my sister is Tanya which is an abbreviated form of Tatanya!"

Quite an interesting anecdote about getting named, and here's wishing Nikki Tasha/Ntasha all the very best for AAMRAS!