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Urvashi Sharma: I appreciate my life better after BAABARR

September 9, 2009 3:37:57 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view BAABARR movie stills

view BAABARR movie stills

The wait is over for Urvashi Sharma. Two years after the release of her debut film NAQAAB, she is back with BAABARR. Even though she is not a central protagonist this time around, she is still happy to be a part of the setup where she has been given a platform to make a strong impression.

NAQAAB had her in a central role but BAABARR seems to be male oriented. She still went ahead and said 'yes' to the film. Weren't she apprehensive about the length of the role?

But Urvashi seems to be pretty contented with her part in BAABARR, ''Yes, BAABARR is a male oriented film for sure. Moreover, these men are shown to be quite powerful as well. They handle everything, whether it deals with the personal or professional lives of the people around them. The movie is about a man called 'Baabarr' and his life. He is someone who makes everyone quite scared of him. This is where my character comes in because Zia, the girl that I play in the film, is the only one who can control him. Even though the film doesn't revolve around me, I have a very strong appearance in the film. That was a good reason for me not to get apprehensive.''

The difference between the glossy world of NAQAAB and the rustic world of BAABARR must certainly have pinched. ''[Laughs] Yeah, there I was staying in a mansion while here I was living in a 'toota-phoota ghar' with no fan, no AC, no luxuries of life. There everything was larger than life while here, just living life itself was such a challenge. But it was all fun eventually. After all what's the point in playing the same character and living the same situation in each of your films?''
It must be quite some moment for her to be back on the big screen after NAQAAB! ''Yes, it was a great moment for sure but not something that I was craving for. Reason being that I was still doing films. I had done this Telugu film down South. Then I had also participated in the Level 1 of Fear Factor. Due to this, there wasn't any nervousness facing the camera. The only point about which I was really nervous was the subject of the film and how well would I would be able to execute my part eventually,'' says Urvashi.

Why was that so?

Urvashi explains, ''After all BAABARR is indeed different. Also, it was quite a difficult and intense experience. I was scared with so many senior actors around like Mithun Chakravorty, Om Puri etc. In any case I am still a newcomer even after one film. Thankfully, my co-stars were really helpful due to which I could survive working in the film. My director and writer were great help too who helped me get my 'sur' right in front of the camera.''

She just mentioned that BAABARR was quite a difficult and intense experience. Urvashi continues, ''First and foremost the movie has a great story and doesn't rely upon any gimmicks whatsoever. It is a very serious film rather than being a regular fun or a comedy outing. Yes, there are few funny moments but overall it is a very intense film. As an actor also you can't afford a single false move since you need to have a clear idea about how this character is going to behave, talk, move around, react etc.''

Being an urban girl, it must have been difficult for her too to get into the skin of a small town girl. But Urvashi is all praise for her character, ''There were other factors also that made me give it special attention. Like this character that I play in BAABARR is a Muslim girl while in real life I am a Punjabi. Moreover Zia speaks Hindi in a UP lingo with a Muslim touch to it whereas Punjabis have an altogether different pronunciation of words. I got to know more about a different community and gained an experience of a different kind of life. I could appreciate my life that I have got everything on a platter because Zia and her folks are the kind of lower middle class people who work hard to earn break and butter. It was good to live the life of Zia even though it was short lived.''


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