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Tanushree Dutta cannot be sweet talked into doing a film!

September 12, 2009 2:07:59 PM IST
Sampurn, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Things are certainly looking up for Tanushree Dutta. After taking a mini break for close to a year (her last release was SAAS BAHU AUR SENSEX), she waited for the best and most interesting offers to come her way. Result? She has already finished shooting for APARTMENT and would soon be wrapping up her second film ROKK. Incidentally both these films are thrillers. It is nice to her back. Tanushree in a delighted tone says, ''(Smiles) Yes, it is indeed a new beginning for me. The fresh bunch of movies that I am doing is much nicer in appeal. Also, they definitely boast of far better scripts that I have come across. Hopefully, I would now see much better response from audiences through these films.

Isn't she happy with the kind of work that she has done before?

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Tanushree says, ''I have spent 3.5 years in the industry now. Movies like CHOCOLATE and AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE came together and it was a good beginning for me overall. However, ever since then, my career has gone through enough ups-and-downs. All of this has been a helpful experience, as I have grown wiser. This should now further reflect in my performances, since I have chosen better scripts and people, with whom I am working.''

And why does she say so?

''(Laughs) Well, I don't think anyone can talk me into signing a film now. I now know when I meet people that whether I want to work with them or not; whether this film would be good for me or not. Somehow in a way I can judge things better today. Of course, what would happen at the box-office is not something in my hands but at least I should be able to feel proud of being a part of a particular film. I should be remembered by a film that I have done,'' opens up Tanushree.

With the changing times she regrets doing any of her past films. ''Not really; I don't regret what I have done so far,'' Tanushree at once replies. Further she also adds, ''Moreover, all of this is a learning experience. Today, in a lot of ways, I am much more comfortable in my skin. Also, give me a complicated role and I would be far more comfortable playing it. The more work you do, far mature you become as a performer, as well as a human being.''


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