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Sayali Bhagat raises charity for Uganda

September 17, 2009 2:59:37 PM IST
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view SAYALI BHAGAT VISITS UGANDA picture gallery

view SAYALI BHAGAT VISITS UGANDA picture gallery

Sayali Bhagat, former Miss India World has always been associated with many charity events. She was actively involved with projects of Baba Amte and his son Prakash Amte, for the conservation of forests and wild animals.

Even after her tenure of Miss India, she continued to do social work and raised funds for mobile hospitals and orphans. She has also been a cultural ambassador for countries like Egypt and Singapore and was active during the Indo-Italian festivals.

On her recent trip, Sayali, on an invitation from the Government, based on her being the cultural ambassador to 9 countries after the crowning Ms. India World visited Uganda. Sayali continued her work of raising charity as she attended a cultural function and raised a whooping charity of 25,00,000 million. The charity was graciously accepted by the Honorable Prime minister of Uganda Dr. Appolo Nsimbabi.

''I have been to South Africa but Uganda is so unlike the perception we have of Africa. People were so warm and friendly. Also in my speech, I mentioned that I envy people and other Indians living there as they have an opportunity to live so close to nature, eat fruits and vegetables without fertilizers and pesticides and live without pollution. As a state guest, the government took great care of me. I earned a lot of respect being an Indian, as they love Mahatma Gandhi. Besides, they requested me to give a speech on Women Empowerment. I was honored to do so. Although it's a developing country we can definitely learn to be close to nature from them.''

The other day Sayali alongwith few school kids visited the source of Nile, the place from where the longest river of the world begins. ''I was very excited as Nile is known for its rich history. At the start point of Nile, my eyes welled as I saw a statue of Mahatma Gandhi Ji, whose ashes were immersed in the Nile. Later the kids also showed me some tribal dance.''

''As I returned to India, I felt so proud to help. So proud as a Miss India. And above all, So proud to be an Indian,'' signs off Sayali.

Sayali Bhagat's forthcoming films include Madhur Bhandarkar's JAIL, Morpheus Media Ventures SHOUT and a south film.


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