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Rehan Khan: I have never been insecure

September 23, 2009 3:31:47 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Rehan Khan. The name may not possibly ring a bell. After a modest debut in JAANA - LET'S FALL IN LOVE, he played a small, though important part, in Emraan Hashmi starrer AWARAPAN. Now he is ready with his latest film FAST FORWARD (which releases this Friday) where he plays a quintessential leading man. So is looking at FAST FORWARD as the film that would 'Fast Forward' his career in Bollywood? Talking to us, Rehan answers this and a lot more as he looks forward to the release of the film.

After ROCK ON and JASHNN, we see yet another film which is basically a musical about dancers. Rehan elaborates about the same, 'That's right, FAST FORWARD is hardcore musical with lots of dances. There are 6-7 tracks completely based on dancing. In fact there were dancers called all the way from Mauritius and US. I too had to go through this rigorous dancing training. It was particularly challenging for me since I came into the project when there was just one month remaining for the shoot to begin.'

Coming back to the film, since he just had a month for himself, how did he go about getting it all right before the film was ready to come on floors?

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'I trained for 23 days and rehearsed for 13-14 hours a day - it was as simple and tough as this [laughs]. Sets for my songs were in place and in my dance I was also required to include some stunts. My producer though gave me all the safety precautions. The film is really important for all of us, whether it is me, Akshay (Kapoor), director Zaigham Ali Syed,' Rehan remembers his rehearsal days.

The film has three leads. Didn't that made him a bit insecure of getting sidelined? But Rehan is unfazed with the fact that it being a multistarrer film, 'See, the two leads in the film are Akshay and me, though primarily it's my story. Siddhant is the villain in the film. He is a very good guy in real life though (laughs). I wish him as well as Akshay all the luck; they both are really hard working. Rahi baat insecurity ki toh I was never insecure. That's because Zaigham had given me a show reel of the movie way before the shooting. I knew what the film was all about and where did I fit in.'

Rehan further adds, 'In any case I have never been insecure. Even in my forthcoming release CLICK, there is Shreyas (Talpade) as well in the lead. It's fine because I do my work and don't really have time to know who is doing what. As long as my producers and director are happy with my work, I am quite comfortable about my positioning in a project.'

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So what kind of a role he plays? Is he friends with the other members who come together for a band or rival?

Rehan discloses, 'Akshay and I are poor boys from Nalasopara while Siddhant is one rich guy from Worli. So it's like this 'rich gang going against the poor gang' thing going on. Bhavna Pani plays my sister in the film and both of us have a great track running for us.'

And by now he must be quite impatient with his release round the corner. 'Actually, not at all! That's because patience is the new mantra everywhere because it pays in the end. I am only 26 years old and the world is wide open in front of me. Even when I didn't have a release since AWARAPAN, I wasn't loosing my sleep. I was quietly working on three movies back to back (CLICK, FAST FORWARD, TUM MILO TO SAHI). Yes, I wish, pray and hope that FAST FORWARD clicks with the audiences,' signs off cool, calm & composed Rehan.