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Ketan Mehta launches distribution company Open Door Films Ltd

August 6, 2011 06:37:21 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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Ketan Mehta, the internationally acclaimed film maker along with the renowned singer Anup Jalota, Actor-Director Deepa Sahi and Media entrepreneur Subur Khan launched a new film distribution company 'Open Door Films Limited'.

'Open Door Films' is a wholly integrated distribution platform for independent controlled budget films. The main objective of the company is to provide a viable, transparent, alternative, global marketing and distribution platform for high quality Indian independent films.

view RIA SEN & VINAY PATHAK AT FILM EVENT picture gallery
view RIA SEN & VINAY PATHAK AT FILM EVENT picture gallery

World over, the independent films drive the innovation in cinema, explore new forms and genres and discover new talent. In the changed contemporary film scenario in India over one hundred independent films every year fail to get proper distribution. These films made with a lot of passion and commitment, fail to reach their target audience due to the absence of a distribution platform designed for and dedicated to such films. With all big film and media corporations vying for big budget, big star cast films, the small budget independent films find it extremely difficult to see the light of the day. All this is set to change with the launch of 'Open door films'.

'Open door films' will provide end to end marketing and distribution solutions for Indian independent film makers, thereby opening up immense possibilities for the future of Indian Cinema. 'Open Door Films Limited', with strategic investment from Maya Digital Media Pvt. ltd., Anup Jalota and Subur Khan, 'Open Door Films' bridges the gap between makers of Concept driven controlled budget films and the film distribution network.

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At a function organized at Cinemax Versova on 3rd August, 'Open Door Films Limited' announced their plans to release 25 to 30 films over the next three years. Apart from the key promoters the glittering event is attended by the star cast of TERE MERE PHERE Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai and Sasha Garodia, Darshan Zariwala and Sushmita Mukherjee.

On the occasion, Ketan Mehta said, 'Good content deserves good distribution. We keep saying that content is king, but honestly, when we get good content we don't respect it. It isn't given the kind of promotional push that it deserves to make it viable at the box-office. Bad distribution kills the film, before it can even try and reach its core target audience. Recently, many concept driven, controlled budget films have been much appreciated by the audiences. With Open Door Films Limited, this is precisely what we seek to achieve, to turn this trend into a tide.'

'Anup Jalota, one of India's most popular and internationally acclaimed singer/composers speaking on the new venture, said, 'Producing films gave me a chance to widen my understanding of the dynamics of Indian film business. Now with Open Door Films we will ensure that good content will penetrate its relevant market.'

Making good quality entertainment financially viable for the makers and providing constant, consistent and good quality entertainment to the audiences is the dual objective of 'Open Door Films Limited'.

Deepa Sahi said, 'Indian audiences are evolving. There is far more diversity in what they want in the name of entertainment. Look at television, look at the internet. But when it comes to cinema, the choice isn't as wide. Why? Because, there isn't any established pan India distribution network for independent, low cost, non star cast films.'

Subur Khan, an MBA who started off his career with advertising, went on to establish his own advertising agency before entering film production and distribution. Communication was always his calling and also one his key strengths. Subur says, 'Our distribution model is simple. We implement a complete strategic marketing, sales and distribution plan and exploit the revenue opportunities to help the Indie films reach their target audiences.'

Open Doors Films first release TERE MERE PHERE (TMP) is a story about a newly married couple, Pooja and Rahul... who have a perfect love affair and a perfect marriage and set out on a perfect dream honeymoon in a motor home driving through the breath taking Himalayas... but then can life ever be perfect?! A series of misadventures and fights follow and soon they get embroiled with a local Himachali small town guy (Vinay Pathak) and his girl Muskaan, the Pahadi Mirch (Riya Sen).How the couples' lives get entwined is the story of this crazy funny film.

Produced by Ketan Mehta & singer Anup Jalota TERE MERE PHERE is a romantic comedy movie shot extensively in the exotic Himalayas. Written and Directed by Deepa Sahi. The film stars Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen and introduces two talented new comers, Jagrat Desai & Sasha Goradia and also stars Darshan Jariwala & Sushmita Mukherjee. Cinematography is by Christo Bakalov and Audiography by Siddarth Mishra and Editing by Pratiek Chitalia.


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