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No name for Arjan Bajwa in LANKA!

December 1, 2011 02:25:53 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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This may well be the first in Bollywood, where a film has a character but with no name. That's right. The character of Arjan Bajwa in LANKA is nameless. But the actor isn't complaining.

"My character doesn't have a name and the credit goes to writer Shashant, whose skillful writing has ensured that while you get to see me and get familiar with my character, you will never hear my onscreen name," says Arjan, who plays younger brother to Manoj Bajpai's character.

download LANKA wallpaper
download LANKA wallpaper

Speaking about his character, the actor says, "My character is inspired by Vibhishan who is regarded as half devil and half human. But he is the man behind Ram's victory. He has not betrayed his brother Raavan but steeped on the side of truth. My character is the same. Jaswant (played by Manoj) is everything in my life. I worship him, but when Jaswant ill treats Anju (played by Tia Bajpai), I take the side of the truth. It's a very strong and aggressive character."

But try drawing similarity between the nameless character and Arjan, and the TELL ME O KKHUDA star laughs before admitting to a resemblance that's striking.

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"In real life, I am like Vibhishan. I do not talk much. I do not show emotions. I never go wrong, no matter what comes my way. And, I always prefer to take the right path," adds the actor, whose last movie TELL ME O KKHUDA was not that big a success.

However for a relatively new face in the industry, Arjan has quite a practical view of success. "It's true that TMOK didn't do as well as expected, but then every film cannot be a hit. So I have decided to move on and concentrate on my next film, which is LANKA. But I am happy the way things are. I am still getting good work, which is nothing less than a success considering I don't come from a film background and am a complete newbie," concludes Arjan.


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